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Hallywood Project


                The design concept of this project was to create comfortable contemporary space. Contemporary design is typically offset by neutral colors. Clean lines and smooth surfaces without intricate details characterize contemporary design. However, that doesn't mean your home will look stark or cold, because the days of boxy furniture and eccentric decorating are long gone. Today's updated contemporary design is a blend of comfortable, livable elements that create a sophisticated, fresh look and feel.

Patricia Project

North york - Toronto 

               The design concept of this project was, to use a combination of the latest technologies, high-end materials and timeless designs. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Fully Insured. High Quality Work.

Fraser St Project

Markham - Ontario

               The design concept of this project was, Love it or list it. 

Torre Del Gallo

Florence - Italy  

               The design concept of this project was, to capture Nautural light. This was obained by creating skylights.


summer months and holiday home

               The design concept of this project was, to capture Natural light & neutral color palette is preferred. All the furniture by RH.


              The condominium apartment I selected is located in downtown Toronto and was situated on the PH level. The unit had an extraordinary view of the downtown core. There are four parts to the first and second floors, continuing the theme of the number four and the four seasons. In fact, each floor could be themed after each season of the year. With reference to the colours that will be used in the apartment, they too will represent the four seasons. Yellow is for the sun that shines mostly in the summer, and orange, yellow, red and brown can represent autumn leaves. The purple represents spring, where there can be some rainy days, but it also reminds us of the rebirth of new life.  The blue and white will represent winter. All the seasons are complimented by a blue sky. 


               The intention of this design project was to enhance the daily lives of seniors within a residence. All to often senior’s residences are too clinical in their approach to design. The environment must be conducive to their lives and help in producing a positive outlook on life. My project concept was Rhizome, which is based on the propagation of new plants by taking cuttings and planting then to produce new life. The point of this concept was that if a branch is cut, the branch does not die; it can still grow, improve and still be healthy. This is a similar experience that I would like my residences to feel. Just because seniors are moving from their homes into an assisted environment, it doesn’t mean that they will wither and die. 

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