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Cafe' Library

              ­The concept of this project is to create a social place that utilizes ecological (sustainable) materials, with the purpose to construct an environment which allows people to study, read and socialize with each other. This cafe Library is going to be constructed using sustainable materials, hence encouraging costumers to value the environment and its heritage. It is will also satisfy the needs of variety of customers in one place due to a wide range of services provided. The different sections of this café Library are separated using simple methods such as change in lighting and design. The whole Library is one cohesive space but each section gives the costumers a different feeling by incorporating a different mood.

Loggia Museum Florence

             Loggia dei Rucellai (Statue Gallery)

1.Torso of Venus

2.Male Tordo (unknown)

3.Aphrodite Kneeling



6.Remain of the Entablature of the Roman Forum

7.Junio basso roman sarcopagus

De la Republica Hotel Boutique

              This design project was to design just three floors of the hotel in Piazza la republica in Florence-Italy. Which is located in city center. The concept of this project was Clarity to offer guests a better vision of Florence. The material and color for this project were chose based on materials used in Florence building, Flooring, walls and etc.


              The concept of this project was based on how a plants root structure supports a plant. Without a well-established root structure the plant will neither grow nor become strong. As the plant grows so must its root structure in order to form a healthy foundation. Located at 52 McCaul The Roots Women’s Centre has drawn from this concept and supports women within the community.  The entrance to the centre is located within a garden patio setting with a water element to add to the tranquility and harmony of the space. The floors of the building are divided into public and private spaces. The green roof with its solar panels makes the building self sustaining and environmentally friendly. The Roots Women’s Centre acts as a root system reaching out to the community in order to help immigrant women new to Canada.  The centre provides them with growth opportunities so that these women will become stronger and integrate into Canadian society.


             Plants inspired the concept of this project. The surrounding local consisting of green space supported our original design concept. The plant cell patterns helped create comforting zones located within the buildings floors. The many building levels reflected the different heights that a plants branches achieve in nature.

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